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There are many books on the market which are Pilates based and therefore not appropriate for the Classical method. We recommend that anyone who is considering teaching and has not had a Classical Background in Pilates reads and practices from some of the following material.

Recommended Books:

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning  
Sean P. Gallagher, Romana Kryzanowska
ISBN 1-891696-08-4

The Pilates Body - Brooke Siler
Michael Joseph Press.
ISBN 0-718-14423- 6

The Complete Writings of Joseph H. Pilates  
(Return to Life through Contrology / Your Health)
J.H. Pilates with John Miller
ISBN 1-891-696-15-7

Pilates' Return to life through Contrology
J .H. Pilates and W.J. Miller Presentation Dynamics Inc.
ISBN 0-9614937-8-X

Pilates, A body in Motion - Alycea Ungaro
Dorling Kindersley.
ISBN 3-8310-0377-7

The Everything Pilates Book: Amy Taylor Alpers & Rachel Taylor Segel Adams Media Corporation, Massachusetts
ISBN 1-58062-738-2

Reference Books on Anatomy and Movement:

Anatomy of Movement - Blandine Calais-Germain (1993), Eastland Press, Seattle ISBN 0-939616-17-3

Athletic Ability and the Anatomy of Motion (2nd edition) Professor Rolf Wirhead, Mosby, ISBN 0-7234-2643-0

Recommended Practice and Observation Videos/ DVDs:

Romana's Pilates, Introduction to Pilates Matwork and/or Powerhouse Mat Workout

Classical Pilates Technique, The Complete Mat Workout Series

Peter Fiasaca, Alycea Ungaro, Bob Liekens

Pilate Workouts: Ana Caban

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