building strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility building strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility

Who can benefit from Classical Pilates?

Anyone and everyone with the will and desire to develop their body and mind! Classical Pilates is for those who have thought about exercising but not quite got there to the highest level athlete!

The "less developed" Athletes: by this we mean most of the population from teenagers to the more mature! By creating awareness of correct posture, building core strength and flexibility, Classical Pilates can enhance quality of life by making you stronger and feel more energised.

The Sports Professional: Classical Pilates adds an extra dimension to any athletic training programme by encouraging correct movement patterning, correcting muscular imbalance and thus helping prevent injury. The development of core strength and improving flexibility adds power to overall performance.

The Dancer: Classical Pilates has long been associated with dancers and one of Joseph's students was George Balanchine, founder of New York City Ballet. He encouraged his dancers to work with Joe at his New York studio. Today's dancers are encouraged to be "Fit to dance" and Classical Pilates helps to prevent injury by developing correct alignment while maintaining strength and flexibility.

The Golfer: as the majority of the population already have postural imbalance, conditions can be exacerbated by golf and the golfer's performance inhibited by imbalance. By training in Classical Pilates the golfer can improve postural control, lengthen and strengthen muscles and enhance their performance on the golf course.

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