building strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility building strength, endurance, stamina and flexibility


Word of mouth is by far the best recommendation. We have stated the benefits of Classical Pilates, described the classes, given examples of how it works but read it for yourself from our students all of whom had previously trained using modified Pilates based work.


Celia - Retired Teacher
"Carefully structured classes enabled me to improve almost without knowing it. Since working with the Classical system I feel better mentally after a class and more physically strengthened the next day particularly. An excellent method for keeping the whole body fit and healthily exercised."

Rosetta - Midwife
"I am far more conscious about my posture and how I hold myself. I constantly find myself correcting my posture and adjusting my position"

Elizabeth - Advisory Teacher
"Classical Pilates has provided me with techniques that have enabled me to be more active and exercise more confidently"

Jane - Full Time Mum
"Since doing Classical Pilates I have regained the flexibility in my lower back and have a stronger, leaner body. After each class I have a tremendous sense of wellbeing."

Joan - Retired Deputy Head Teacher
"I have found Classical Pilates to have a very beneficial effect on my all round physical and mental well being. The postural guidance was of great benefit to me and my colleagues."

Caroline- Youth Theatre Director/Lecturer
"To start with I thought that the classical system was boring because we do the same routine all the time. Then I realised how challenging it is to do the exercises properly and learnt how to advance my own practice. All my muscles are stronger. I stand taller with a better posture. My waist is smaller and I no longer get lower back pain."

Amy: American University Women's golf scholarship student
Attending Classical Pilates class regularly has made me a lot stronger through out my body. I can not only control my body better during class but feel many benefits in everyday life.

Classical Pilates has especially helped me to improve and pursue my golfing ambitions. After only 5 classes I had to play a competition in which the weather was extremely windy. Using my Pilates skills I could stabilize myself over the ball using my core muscles. This not only helped keep me secure in the conditions but also gave me added length as I was using major muscles to wind and release at impact. This gave me an advantage over the rest of the field that were struggling in the extreme conditions.

The ability to scoop in and feel strong helps me every time I stand over the golf ball; it helps activate major muscles and also mentally helps me feel confident which is a crucial part of playing golf to your full potential.

Pilates has made me feel stronger, taller and more confident.

Ian: Amateur competitive Runner and swimmer
Better core strength & flexibility and I believe that my hamstrings are certainly better than they were this time last year. Also, I swim regularly and I have a little more extension in my shoulders which has improved my crawl stroke. Still a long way to go yet!"

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